Around the catwalk sits the audience, which includes fashion journalists and other fashion-related professionals.

The catwalk can be more or less elevated. At some screenings, the podium is only a screened-off part of the floor, on the same level as the audience's seats.

Professional Model

A fashion show is a display of a designer's fashion clothes, usually by models wearing the clothes walking down a catwalk. Fashion shows are often held for one season at a time, and the big shows in, for example, Paris, London and New York are closely watched by the fashion press, which means that these also have a big impact on the design of ready-to-wear garments.

Catwalk Models

The original meaning of the term catwalk was that of a narrow passage on ships and at the stage of a theater. This meaning, which has been described in English since 1885, refers to a cat's walk (a cat's walk) with tripping steps, as one might have to walk in such a walk.

The meaning 'narrow podium at a fashion show' was first used in English in 1942. Models at shows are often wearing high heels, which contributes to their gait.